Papers dedicated to
Anne Reboul

a Festschrift edited by Ludivine Dupuy, Adrianna Grabizna, Nadège Foudon and Pierre Saint-Germier

Semantics and Pragmatics

Tijana Asic
Eros Corazza
Denis Delfitto and Gaetano Fiorin
Jacques Moeschler
Louis de Saussure
Philippe Schlenker
Deirdre Wilson

Experimental Pragmatics

Joanna Blochowiak
Thomas Castelain
Jacques Moeschler
Jacques Jayez
Ira Noveck, Emmanuel Trouche, Hugo Mercier
Penka Stateva, Sara Andreetta, Artur Stepanov

The Evolution of Language

Embodied cognition

Social Cognition

Rawan Charafeddine, Chloé Billamboz, Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst

Tabula Gratulatoria

The following persons, friends, former and actual PhD students, collaborators and colleagues from the Laboratoire L2C2 in Lyon want to participate to the present hommage to Anne Reboul:

Stephen Anderson
Cécile Barbet
Christiane Battoue
Philippe Blache
Diane Blakemore
Robyn Carston
Roberto Casati
Lisa Cheng
Anne Cheylus
Aurore Curie
Hamida Demirdache
Jerôme Dokic
Stéphanie Durrlemann
Justine Epinat
Denis Forest
Marie-Line Gardes
Cristina Grisot
Hakima Guella
Jean-Rémy Hochmann
Hu Yang
Georges Kleiber
Pascal Ludwig
Didier Maillat
Olivier Mascaro
Elisabeth Pacherie
Liuba Papeo
Jérôme Prado
Yves Paulignan
François Recanati
Laurent Romary
David Sander
Ur Shlonsky
Dan Sperber
Eric Wehrli
Sandrine Zufferey

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